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11 Apr

What are the IMAT courses and how do they work?

If you’re a student who wants to enroll in English medical courses, then you already will know what we’re talking about. But it’s always good to clarify in depth, seeing the particularity of the subject and the huge interest that it draws. Like every year, including 2018, the entrance exams will be held for these courses. These tests are called IMAT‘ and allow students who pass them to be eligible for the scheduled course of Medicine in English. But be careful, access to this course is certainly not an easy task: just think that just last year at the IMAT test (acronym of the International Medical Admission Test), there were almost 7,000 (for only 501 seats available.) An obstacle, the English language, which certainly does not discourage, but which certainly represents – in this specific case, as can be guessed – the main evaluation element. The entrance test for the faculty of medicine in English IMAT, also for this 2018 will take place simultaneously in all Italian universities where this type of course takes place, and the date has been set for Thursday 13 September 2018. The announcement concerning IMAT tests medicine in English, will be published on the MIUR website 60 days before the date, and inside will specify the topics and the ways with which the test will take place. So it will be essential to keep an eye on this site.

But how exactly do IMAT tests work? As mentioned a little further on, these are admission tests for the medical courses done in English. Therefore the tests must also be carried out strictly in English. Clearly the level of knowledge of this language should be almost unexceptionable, both for the understanding of the IMAT test, but also and above all – in case you pass – for attending the same course of Medicine. In short, it is a test entry to the study area of medicine with a bit more difficulty. Arriving prepared for this test is extremely important. But how to guarantee this preparation in English, enough preparation to allow entry to the medical field? First of all, the obvious – study, study, study. Then, of course, make your English skills even more exceptional, through specialized courses in this kind of specific test and choosing an efficient and well-known language school. In fact, the officially recognized IMAT courses, for the preparation of passing the test in English, can be carried out only in a few schools.

In view of September 13th 2018, therefore, keep an eye on the website of the Clidante School, to know exactly when the IMAT preparation courses will be happening.