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22 Jan

Learning Italian in Rome: because it’s a good choice

Do you love Italy and would you like to move to our country? Do you like Italian culture, the history, the art, the monuments, and the culinary tradition? If you responded “yes” to even just one of these options, then the first fundamental step is surely ​learning Italian in Rome!

 Yes, because to be able to move around well in a foreign country, with the security and feeling flexible in whatever situation that could present itself, the important thing is to be able to express yourself correctly in the local language. Italian is a  rich language and often thought to be difficult to learn. But this prejudice probably comes from the fact that few have found the right conditions necessary to study the language, and the correct school, in grade to assure the best systems of teaching as well as a comfortable learning environment.
To study Italian in Rome, one of the best schools for foreigners is certainly the Clidante school! This school, located in the very central Piazza Bologna, a neighborhood well connected by public transportation, making it easily accessible by each area of Rome, is the best option for those who want to learn the Italian language and immerse themselves in the country’s culture.
Active since 1994, The Italian school for foreigners, Clidante, offers to its students bright and comfortable classrooms, prepared and patient teachers, open free-space rooms as well as a beautiful terrace where students can enjoy a break from studying in open air, complete with Rome’s fantastic climate. But why is it so important, for those who want to 
 Italian in Rome, to find a good school where they can do so?

 The reason is very simple: if there are the right conditions, the time required to learn is surely shorter and the results are stronger and more long-lasting if you study directly in Italy. The Italian language in fact, according to recent statistics, is among the most studied languages in the world. But from this fascination of the language, how many people studying Italian abroad can actually say to truly understand it?
The secret is in the practice, ​to study Italian in Rome gives you the possibility to practice in the country, to communicate directly in the Italian language and to create a close understanding of the national culture. The Clidante School offers all of this, and so much more. Authorized by the “Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione,” the Italian school for foreigners Clidante is the point of reference in Rome for students from all over the world who have to decided to learn, in a short time and in the best of ways, the beautiful Italian language.