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22 Jun

When we are lucky enough to visit such a wonderful city as Rome, full of monuments and places of historical, cultural and artistic interests at any corner, it is very difficult to choose what to see first. Surely one of the most popular attractions in Rome is the very famous Piazza Navona. This square with Piazza di Spagna and Piazza del Popolo, is one of the most famous symbols of Eternal city. “The reason”?: when you enter Piazza Navona, arriving from one of the fourth sides of the square, it is quite impossible not to be captured by art and culture you can breathe in. Here are some historical facts which highlight the importance of this magical place. The square was built on the antique Stadium of Domitian in 86 AD. Since the ancient Romans appreciated amusements and music, this square with its large dimensions, being able to accommodate about 33,000 spectators, was mainly used for festivals and sporting events. But Piazza Navona as we know today, started to take its shape more recently in 1600, when Pope Innocenzo X ordered to build the “Palazzo Pamphili” and the very beautiful church St. Agnese. It’s impossible not to be attracted by the three wonderful fountains (made by Gregorio Zappalà and Antonio della Bitta). In the center of the square, you can see the famous Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini. But it doesn’t stop here! It’s impossible not to be enraptured by the beauty of the small streets surrounding the square. Before you know it, you are in front of the Pantheon, or in the characteristic square Campo dei Fiori. You can be easily carried away by its beauties, by monuments, by antique buildings, by churches belonging to this wonderful city which is Rome!