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05 Mar

Basic Italian lessons: the exercises are not enough, but the school is!

Learning Italian can seem like a difficult undertaking. Above all because the Italian language consists of a whole series of grammatical rules that are not always easy to learn. But do not worry! As in all the foreign language courses, while studying Italian, it’s necessary to have first of all a great passion and the right motivation. Regarding the steps to learn our language, the first is certainly displayed in the basic Italian lessons able to provide the foundations for getting more and more used to learning this language. The basic Italian lessons can be found within an appropriate school, which can offer a high level in terms of both teaching methods and the study environment. At the Clidante School, you can learn Italian in Rome in the best conditions a student can receive.

At the Clidante School, in fact, the Italian student can count on highly qualified teachers, teaching systems that meet their time and level needs, and outings to the cinema, theater, concerts, for a truly unique Italian language learning experience. effective. At the Clidante School, students who want to learn Italian in Rome, are immediately put in the conditions to use our language, through basic Italian lessons that also include the development of useful grammar exercises. In fact, thanks to the use of Italian exercises, the teachers of the Clidante School provides students with the right basis to better absorb this language. Here are some examples of easy Italian grammar exercises that are given to the students of the Clidante.

Italian grammar exercises:

Nouns that change the ending, or the ‘nomi mobili’:

1) bambinO – bambinA

2) gattO – gattA

3) infermierE – infermierA

4) signorE – signorA

5) impiegatO – impiegatA

(il primo nome a sinistra si usa quando ci si rivolge al maschile, il secondo nome a destra, quando invece ci si rivolge al femminile)

Other Italian exercises:

– The article determines the gender of the following:

1) il nipote – la nipote

2) il cantante – la cantante

3) il dirigente – la dirigente

4) il bambino – la bambina

5) il pediatra – la pediatra

These grammar exercises shown here proposed by the Clidante School, are along those included in the basic Italian lessons proposed to the students. Thanks to the modern, effective and highly interactive teaching method adopted by the Clidante School teachers, learning Italian in Rome has never been so simple!