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05 Apr

Italian school in Rome: Just a dream?

Studying the Italian language in the capital isn’t just possible, but also one of the best and most effective solutions to learning the language in a delightful way. But where to start? The first fundamental rule in approaching this is not just to study the new language, but to also adapt yourself to living for a period in a new city, and to find a reliable and professional Italian school with the ability to provide you with all of the necessities to enter this new phase of life. Like the renowned Clidante School, a reference point for anyone who intends to study the Italian language in depth. Learning Italian with Clidante is the best solution, because this school provides its students with the best teaching methods, thanks to trained and experienced teachers and to a learning style that adapts to the initial level of the knowledge of Italian and at the time available to learn.

But the Clidante School in Rome, also offers much more to its students, providing a concrete assistance in finding a comfortable accommodation for the entire duration of the courses and to carry out any procedures for obtaining a visa for study purposes. Beyond this, the Clidante School, through its academic courses of Italian language, guarantees to its students the ability to obtain the necessary university credits. Learning Italian with Clidante is a developing experience of great value, which enriches students with a multitude of stimuli and experiences aimed not only at the optimal learning of the Italian language, but also providing them with total immersion in the cultural fabric of the Capital.

In fact, the Clidante School often organizes film or theater shows for students, in order to always provide new learning inputs in an even more pleasant and stimulating way. The location of the Clidante School, located in one of the central squares of Rome, rich in services, connections, and nightlife (the famous Piazza Bologna), makes it an even more interesting reference point for all foreign students who come to Rome to learn Italian. If you’re passionate about learning the Italian language and culture and you want to come to Rome to study, you no longer have excuses or obstacles in your way: your Italian school is the Clidante School!