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04 Feb

Learning Italian through song: Is it possible?

A more than legitimate question, since learning a foreign language like Italian, using something extremely enjoyable, such as listening to beautiful Italian songs, could be an excellent method!

But first, let’s starting by saying that a new language, like Italian for foreigners, consists of grammatical rules, a metric, a correct pronunciation. All elements that, in only the listening of a song, often cannot be correctly identified and therefore fully understood. This is because even the same Italian singers have some particular accents, or more simply, the meter used for the texts of the songs is not always the same that you would use to talk every day (for example, in music sometimes you use the so-called ‘poetic liberties’, which can be misleading about the correct grammatical rules of Italian). The fundamental rule therefore, is to always be taught in the correct way: to rely on a serious Italian school able to offer the right grammatical foundation to begin to understand and subsequently master this beautiful language.

To learn Italian in Rome, for example, the best school is without a shadow of doubt the Clidante school, welcoming students in comfortable classrooms in the historic headquarters of Piazza Bologna and offering them the best conditions and methods of teaching Italian. At the Clidante Institute, students are apt to learn Italian quickly, thanks to the help of well-trained, patient, and highly qualified teachers. But that’s not all: at the Clidante Italian School, outings are organized to the cinema, to the theater and – returning to the initial point – we listen to music (obviously in Italian …!)

In short, many outlets can be provided to students, to understand and learn the Italian language quickly and effectively. Therefore, learning Italian by listening to the songs, if combined with a proper study of the language, can certainly help to reach a goal. Which Italian songs can be more effective for learning the language better? Surely those with clear texts, possibly that do not contain overly complex words, and with an arrangement that is pleasant to listen to.

Take for example the songs of Laura Pausini, or those of Ligabue. In both cases, these are Italian artists who capture the public thanks to the strong catchiness of their songs. Paper and pen in hand, you can start listening to a song in Italian, possibly with the text, and stop at the right time to make the correct translation. In this way, and knowing the rules of Italian grammar you learn at the Clidante school in Rome, it is very probable that you will be able to master the Italian language in an even shorter time and in an even more stimulating way.