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21 Jun

Rome, the capital of Italy, certainly offers a myriad of artistic and cultural stimuli. In fact, the Eternal City alone probably contains the largest concentration of artistic and historical works of the entire world heritage. So how can we escape the possibility of getting to know such a treasure more closely? Moreover, for foreigners coming to Italy and Rome in particular, visiting these places could represent an enormous incentive to learn Italian. Getting to know and understand the works of art, history and Italian traditions in fact, certainly helps to focus even more on the study of Italian, teaching many words and idiomatic phrases.

The Clidante School knows this well and, in addition to its Italian lessons in the classroom, has also offered to offer guided tours of Rome, providing an even more complete and effective Italian language course. The Clidante School therefore, is proposed as a real tour guide for foreigners in Rome, able to satisfy their thirst not only of knowledge, but also of total understanding of Italian culture. The option offered by the Clidante School of Rome, is a complete educational path, which in addition to taking care of providing a base for learning effective Italian language, is also concerned with concretely introducing students to the social and cultural life of the capital.

Guided tours in Rome for foreigners: Clidante to the front of the line!

The Clidante School understands that along with the Italian lessons in the classroom, the students’ free time can also offer a great and further source of learning. Hence the proposal to provide a real program that includes excursions of artistic and naturalistic interest, guided tours in Rome, cultural meetings and anything else that can represent an additional advantage in the study of Italian. But not only: guided tours of Rome for foreigners with Clidante, are also accompanied by evening dinners and parties, so as to provide students with further opportunities for mutual knowledge and comparison. In this way, studying Italian at the Clidante School in Rome becomes even more helpful when one thinks of the great cultural richness of the Eternal City that never ceases to amaze and enrich anyone who is lucky enough to visit it. And if the tour guide for foreigners in Rome is Clidante, its sure that there will always be something more to discover and learn!