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28 Feb

Erasmus in Rome: how to do it

Are you an Erasmus student? Would you like to do your Erasmus course in Rome? The ‘eternal city’ (as Rome is called), offers a myriad of ideas and stimuli to learn and at the same time, live life fully one of the major European capitals. What better place than Rome to learn Italian? The city of Rome, in fact, offers many possibilities for learning. After all, it is considered an ‘open-air museum’. In the Capital, it is possible to come across, in a few steps, monuments, churches, interesting streets, and some of the most beautiful examples of architecture in the world! Those who come to study Italian in Rome for example, certainly have a thousand opportunities to immerse themselves in the culture of this country, thus receiving the right incentives to speed up the learning process. The Clidante school offers the best method of teaching the Italian language, making effective methodologies available to students coming to Rome and coupling the lessons with outings to the cinema, concerts and anything else that can stimulate the learning of Italian.

Erasmus +, the Clidante program

The Clidante school offers students a wide choice of Italian courses in Rome, with offers for every need both in terms of time and in terms of level of learning. Also for Erasmus students, the Clidante school offers interesting training courses to learn Italian in Rome. The Clidante school in fact, since 2015 has been a partner of the Erasmus + project, a project that is aimed at all those foreign students who want to learn Italian and at the same time strengthen their skills. Wanted and funded by the European Commission – Directorate General for Education and Culture, the Erasmus + project was created to directly address the education and youth sector, and aims to support the European Union states in developing their potential and improve the skills of young people. As the only partner in Italy, the Clidante school makes a training course  available to students participating in the Erasmus + project, aimed at learning the Italian language by providing incentives strongly linked to culture, and helping the student to develop and strengthen their own skills. It’s a unique opportunity for all those students of the European Community who want to learn Italian in Rome!