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27 Jun


Italian courses online for foreigners »

Do you want to learn Italian? Are you a foreign student without the possibility, in this moment to attend an Italian course in Italy? Have no fear! If you have a deep passion for Italian, th

21 Jun


Guided tours in Rome for foreigners with Clidante School »

Rome, the capital of Italy, certainly offers a myriad of artistic and cultural stimuli.

15 Jun


10 Italian idiomatic expressions for foreigners »

For a foreigner who wants to learn Italian, the biggest desire is to be able to speak it as soon as possible.

07 Jun


Italian Cooking Lessons for foreigners »

Among the various things that we’re envied for here in Italy, surely on top of the list is our culinary tradition .

31 May


Italian Culture Courses with Clidante »

Studying Italian is both enriching and useful, but breaking into the Italian culture – thus understanding even more deeply the language and everyday ways of saying – can really b

17 May


5 Foreign actors who speak Italian well… How did they do it? »

Speaking Italian well: for many foreigners, this seems to be a difficult obstacle to face, mostly due to the widespread belief that Italian is composed of very difficult grammar structures.

01 May


3 songs to learn italian: Despacito in italian »

Do you love Italian and also Italian music? Here’s something you may find super useful! Learning Italian with songs is a fun method not only to discover new idioms, but also a great wa

19 Apr


Worldwide Italian Language Week 2018: celebrate it togheter! »

Italian is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

11 Apr


What are the IMAT courses and how do they work? »

What are the IMAT courses and how do they work?
If you’re a student who wants to enroll in English medical courses, then you already will know what we’re talking about.

05 Apr


Italian School in Rome: Learn Italian with Clidante School »

Italian school in Rome: Just a dream?
Studying the Italian language in the capital isn’t just possible, but also one of the best and most effective solutions to learning the language in a