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17 May

Speaking Italian well: for many foreigners, this seems to be a difficult obstacle to face, mostly due to the widespread belief that Italian is composed of very difficult grammar structures. Of course there’s a bit of truth in this, as the Clidante School of Romethe best in teaching the Italian language to foreigners, explains, Italian is a beautiful language and full of grammar rules. But it’s absolutely possible to learn! The important foundational aspect of learning the language is a strong passion. It’s the motor for everything, and it’s shown in many foreign actors who speak Italian! But how did they learn the language so well? Let’s get to know 5 of them in order to understand the secrets to learning this beautiful language.

Let’s get to know 5 Foreign actors who speak Italian well!

We’ll start with the first Oscar-winner, Jodie Foster, a famous face in Hollywood who began her Italian studies at University, as her first foreign language. Foster then had a way to enrich her language skills in 1977, when she found herself speaking next to some of the biggest names in Italian cinema, like Ugo Tognazzi and Gigi Proietti in the film “Il Casotto”, by Sergio Citti. 

From the USA, let’s head over to Spain to find the talented and sensual Penélope Cruz, who has graced us on the big screen thanks to her knowledge of Italian. For her, speaking Italian well was made possible due to her role in different productions, like the unforgettable roles in the films of Sergio Castellitto, “Non ti Muovere” and “ Venuto al mondo”.









For another fascinating actor on the other hand, the french star, Vincent Cassel, learning of the language was possible due to his 14 -year marriage to the actress Monica Bellucci as well as their two children. Aside from learning the italian language for his private life, He was also able to use the language in his work, like in the film “Racconto dei Racconti” by Matteo Garrone.

And what about the English actor, Colin Firth? For him, the passion for Italian was born in 1997 when he got married to the Roman producer, Livia Giuggioli. But for Firth, the love for our beautiful country doesn’t finish here. He also owns a home in Umbria where he’s often found in his off time.










Finishing up our list comes the great and famous Clint Eastwood. And who would’ve known that the icy-blue eyed cowboy spoke Italian so well? But in fact, yes! The famous US actor had the opportunity to work with the great Italian director Sergio Leone, and thanks to him, acquired a rich Italian vocabulary, including sayings of different dialects. 

Study Italian with Clidante!

At Clidante, the foreign students are stimulated in the learning of Italian also through watching films in Italian, helping them to absorb grammar rules and idiomatic expressions in an interesting and easy way!