A student with a basic knowledge of Italian can start courses on any Monday (in 2017 Mondays May 29 and August 28 are NOT available for GROUP courses).
Courses for complete beginners run on the dates listed below and the student should choose from the following:

JANUARY – from January 9 to 31 (3 Saturdays included)
FEBRUARY – from February 1 to 28
MARCH – from 6 to March 31
APRIL – from April 3 to 28 (2 Saturdays included)
MAY – from May 2 to 26
JUNE – from 5 to June 30 (1 Saturday included)
JULY – from July 3 to 28
AUGUST – from July 31 to August 25
SEPTEMBER – from September 4 to 29
OCTOBER – from October 2 to 27
NOVEMBER – from October 30 to November 24
DECEMBER – from November 27 to December 20 (3 Saturdays included)

The school closes for the following National Public holidays. Lessons are not made up: New Year’s Day, 1st January; the Epiphany, 6th January; Easter Monday (following Easter Sunday); Anniversary of the Liberation, 25th April; May Day, 1st May; Anniversary of the Republic, 2nd June, St. Peter and Paul, 29th June; the Assumption, 15th August; All Saints, 1st November; Immaculate Conception, 8th December; Christmas Day, 25th December; Boxing Day, 26th December.

The school closes for the Christmas holidays from a few days before Christmas up to and including 6th January. The school remains open the rest of the year, including during the summer period.