Standard for learning Italian in Rome

The teachers are graduated in linguistic disciplines and they have attended training courses to teach Italian as a foreign language.

Centro linguistico dante alighieri roma

Il mio stato

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teaching staff methods and teaching material

Members of the Danti Alighieri CLI teaching staff are all humanities graduates and have followed teacher training courses in the teaching of Italian as a second language. They keep abreast of new teaching concepts, methods and tools.

The method adopted by the teachers is the communicative grammar method.  Each lesson is structured in two parts:  in the first, morpho-syntactical structures are presented and written and oral exercises immediately assess the individual student's level of understanding and reproduction.  In the second part, the student learns to apply the new linguistic structures in the most varied situations from the colloquial to the more formal and bureaucratic, broadens his personal vocabulary and practices using the idiomatic expressions of spoken Italian.

The teaching material have been developed from years of experience and successful teaching methods used at the school:  the books are the result of co-operation between language specialists and teachers themselves who have a more direct experience of the problems and needs of the students.


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