Italian language course in Rome

Dante Alighieri of Rome is a specialized school in the teaching of Italian courses for foreigners, culture programs, opera, voice and internship

Centro linguistico dante alighieri roma

Il mio stato

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About us

The School

The Rome Language Centre of the Dante Alighieri school was founded in 1981 and specialises in the teaching and learning of Italian language for foreign students. CLIDA Rome offers language and culture courses, internship and opera and voice programs. The main school was set up in Florence in 1966 and today the Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri has a number of other centres also in Greece. The school has authorisation from the Education Ministry and is open all year round.

The Centre

The Rome centre is housed in a stylish turn of the century building, at 1 of the central Piazza Bologna. It is within easy reach of the historical centre and all other areas, amply served by Underground Line B and many bus routes. The classrooms are large and bright and there is a terrace which, in spring, summer and autumn, becomes a meeting-place for students during breaks.

The Staff

Our staff is on hand to provide information or help students with any problem.

Giulia Savona, Head of Administration, has twenty years' experience with CLI
and handles general management (;

Dr. Fabrizio Fucile, Fabrizio Fucile, Head of Studies, has taught Italian and Latin since 1990, with a specialist interest in Italian Studies in which he gained his research doctorate and as well as handling management of studies, co-ordinates relations with oversea
teaching institutes (;

Dr. Elena Lachin is Head of Student Services (


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