23 Jan

Italy has always been the home of important traditions: literary, musical, cultural, and the cinematographic ones; in other words, a leading centre of excellence from all points of view.

Speaking about Italy, one thinks about the beauty of a peninsula that spreads its culture all over the world; this aspect is enhanced by the many personalities that come from our country and of which we have often forget.

Culture, fashion, great characters, but not only, Italy is recognized throughout the world thanks to a unique and unavoidable factor: food! The Italian culinary culture is indeed a hallmark of our country; a recognized feature, appreciated and sought almost everywhere.

Good food is the base of Italian history, it is a very simple cuisine but paradoxically impossible to imitate. Think about how many Italian restaurants are present in every foreign country that we visit: they may be managed by talented Italian chefs, but the quality of products will never be similar to our. A flagship of our production is certainly the dairy product, envied everywhere and hardly "replicable". Another point in favor of Italian food is its own variety; in the other countries, even if geographically more extended, you can find few typical dishes, and sometimes even similar one to each other; in Italy you can be sure that, even travelling it far and wide, you will always find preparations and dishes different between them.

We are coming now to the two best dishes of Italian food that make us famous in the world: '' PIZZA '' and '' PASTA ''. These words became part of the global vocabulary and these two Italian products make us the "elected" in the culinary reviews of the entire globe. Like many other Italian dishes, these two foods have, therefore, traveled the world, but only a true Italian chef can manage to give them the real Mediterranean flavor, thanks to the high quality of raw material. Finally, as regards the Italian food, we have to mention wine, of which Italy is a tireless* producer. Just think that, on top of the world rankings, Italian wine is one of the most important products imported in the USA. In our center, you will learn also some secrets of Italian cuisine!

*the first producer in the world.