Italian cultural lessons in Rome

Courses at Dante Alighieri in Rome for learning Italian culture, politics, history of art, literature.

Centro linguistico dante alighieri roma

Il mio stato

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culture courses

Cultural courses last two weeks and are held in the early afternoon.

The course objective is to introduce the student to the culture,
politics and society of Italy.

Subjects offered each month are art, history and literature. Cycles of individual lessons may be organised on the history of politics and Italian society, the cinema, theatre and opera.

The History of Art course covers: From Byzantine Art to Neoclassicism;
the High Renaissance: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello; Venetian Art from Bellini to Canaletto; the Florentine 15th Century; Rome from Ancient Times to the 18th Century.
A sample of the Italian Literature Topics with related reading-matter: Dante, the "Inferno"; the Birth of Poetry; Petrarch's "Canzoniere"; Manzoni's "Promessi Sposi;" Romantic Poetry: Foscolo and Leopardi; the 20th Century Novel; Sicilian writers of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

The History Course covers: from the Unification of Italy to Fascism;
from the Second World War to Modern Times.


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