Individual Italian lessons in Rome

Choose the individual Italian lessons at Dante Alighieri in Rome to learn Italian in a short time.

Centro linguistico dante alighieri roma

Il mio stato

One to one lessons

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individual courses

With an individual course, the student has the chance to tailor the course to fit his needs and attain excellent results in a very short time. Such courses are particularly suited to the needs of executives, managers, diplomats, professionals, artists and university Professors and researchers.

Highly-qualified teachers and a carefully planned syllabus are the keys to success which make students come back and recommend us to others.

The timetable for individual courses is drawn up to fit in with the student's schedule. Weekend courses are also available.

With courses D8, D10 and S9 (inclusive of dinner with the teacher in select restaurants) a good level of language may be reached in only two or three weeks.

length frequency lesson times price
D2 1 week 2 lessons (45 minutes ecah) a day - 10 lessons in 1 week Morning or afternoon time Euro 325
D4 1 week 4 lessons a day (45 minutes each) - 3 full hours a day (20 lessons in 1 week) Morning or afternoon time 650
D6 1 week 6 lessons a day (45 minutes each) - 4,5 full hours a day (30 lessons in 1 week) Morning or afternoon time 975
D8 1 week 8 lessons a day (45 minutes each) - 6 full hours a day (40 lessons in 1 week) Morning & afternoon time 1.300
S9 9 days (from Saturday to Sunday of the following week) 11 lessons a day (100 lessons in 9 days), Lunch in Restaurant with teacher Morning & afternoon time Euro 4.300

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