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CLI Dante Alighieri gives enrollment certificate to get Study Visa.

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Upon request, CLI Dante Alighieri can issue certificates of enrolment on Italian language courses which are valid for applications for Study Visas. CLI courses of Italian language and culture for foreign students are run at different levels according the Global Scale of European Portfolio. Depending upon the mother tongue, personal aptitudes, dedication and associated factors, a complete course may take between six months to two years.

CLI Dante Alighieri is a Ministry of Education and Scientific Research authorised centre.

In order to receive a certificate (enrolment certificate, Ministry authorisation certificate and, where required, INA Assitalia employment insurance certificate) the student should complete and send in an enrolment form together with a photocopy of his/her current, valid passport. CLI Administration should be contacted regarding payment of school fees and accommodation.The full tuition fee for the first month is requested; the student must pay a deposit for the following months.

CLI will mail certificates, receipt of payment and the insurance policy to the address indicated on the enrolment form.

We advise all prospective students in any case to contact the appropriate Italian Consulate beforehand for information regarding Visa applications as refunds will be granted only for special reason.


    • If the school receives a cancellation within 7 days before the starting date of the course, the student forfeits the registration fee, the 15% of the first month fees plus any expenses paid on his/her behalf (DHL, health insurance, etc.). The balance is paid back when the student delivers to the school the original enrolment certificate, the official Embassy note about the rejection.
    • If the cancellation is made after the beginning of the course, the entire sum is forfeited.
    • It's possible to start the course at a later date.

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