30 Jan

Events in Rome February 2017

Rome, the Eternal City that appeals to everyone, is ready to surprise us with a very busy schedule for February in terms of cultural events.

In particular this last winter month will be full of appointments to the theater and to the museums, with the opening also extraordinary, of many archaeological sites.

But let’s see with order all the most interesting events in Rome February 2017: From January 31 to February 12, 2017, at the Teatro dei Conciatori, you can watch the show “Il digiunatore”, proposed by Luca De Bei, adapted from Kafka.

From 1 to February 19, it will be possible to watch the show “Certe notti” at the Teatro Ghione, directed by Giuseppe Miale Di Mauro.

From January 25 to February 12 will be staged Lacci at the Teatro Piccolo Eliseo, played by Silvio Orlando.

At the Teatro Arcobaleno, from January 27 to March 12, will be on stage the show Le donne al Parlamento, an all-female text dealing with current topics.

For dance lovers, at the Teatro Scuderie Villino Corsini, the exhibition of Simon Gera celebrating the evocative power of dance, will be proposed again. The title of this exhibition is Dance in the world: Berlin.

Jason Shulman arrives for the first time in Italy with his exhibition entitled Fast Forward at the White Noise Gallery.

Saturday, February 18, Palazzo Spada and the hidden chambers of the State Council will be open to the public for up to 23 participants, at Palazzo Spada.

At Chiosco del Bramante will be on display the exhibition of contemporary art Love, when love meets art, open to the public until February 19, 2017.

At the Vatican Museums you can visit not only the Sistine Chapel, but also the models by Giovan Lorenzo Bernini; an exhibition presenting the angels among the most beautiful of the Roman Baroque.

At the Museum of Rome, Palazzo Braschi, will be on display the exhibition Artemisia Gentileschi, a path that tends to show the most authentic aspects of the artist.

In Palazzo degli Esami, will play the multimedia exhibition dedicated to the artist Van Gogh, entitled Van Gogh Alive – the experience. More than 3000 images will be projected on giant screens playing the most famous masterpieces of the celebrated artist.

In short, there is really something for everyone!