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Get credits for American colleges in Dante Alighieri of Rome.

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The Dante Alighieri Italian Language Center offers courses in Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Italian, which can be tailored to meet the credit granting needs of your American college or university.
The Dante Center can design an intensive language study program for your students in blocks of 45, 90, or 135 contact hours - the equivalent of one, two,
or three full semester college courses (3, 6 or 9 credits).
Regardless of the length of your program's duration or the level of your
students' knowledge of the Italian language, the Dante Center can create
a unique schedule of class hours to fit your program's needs.
The Dante Center's experienced instructors are familiar with North American college and university grading scales and will work with your program director to ensure correct placement, rigorous instruction, and fair evaluation of your students. Guided tours to places of interest in Rome can be added to your students' curriculum and are conducted by the Dante Center's staff.


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